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Plant based, highly effective products to use throughout your house to create a truly clean and sustainable home.

In our Starter Pack you have the choice of two of our highly concentrated and effective cleaning products:

Dishwash, Everything + All spray, Floorwash, Toilet Scrub or Roomspray.

Choose your 2 products and then the unique signature scents (where applicable).

Say goodbye to those single use ugly plastic bottles in your home and make room on your bench for these beautiful refillable glass products that you will want to keep out on display for all to see!

Please note you can choose a spray trigger top for your Toilet Scrub if you would rather spray your product into the toilet instead of pouring it. 


Clary Sage + Ylang Ylang | Dishwash

Clary Sage helps regain perspective and a sense of wellbeing and calm. It is known to open and centre the mind during times of stress, creative processes or even just when you are washing the dishes. Ylang Ylang has a calming effect on the heart and breath as well as easing muscular tension in the body. It encourages a sense of happiness, gratitude + peace.

Grapefruit + Rosemary | Dishwash

Grapefruit is a sweet smell that helps revive the body + mind. It is helpful during times of exhaustion, stress or low moods - often people could associate these feelings with doing the dishes! Grapefruit brings a sunny energy to your day. Rosemary aids with mental clarity + focus. It is great for stimulating brain function + alertness.

Lemongrass + Basil | Dishwash

Lemongrass has strong antiseptic properties as well as promoting wellness within the entire body. It balances + revives, leaving you wanting to do the dishes more than you ever have before. Basil has a fresh and stimulating scent which awakens the mind + body.

Rose Geranium + Basil | Everything + All

Rose Geranium has a calming + balancing effect on the mind + body. Its healing and antiseptic properties help to ease nervous tension and irritability, instilling a sense of strength. Basil is one of the best essential oils to help calm an exhausted mind and aids with mental clarity.

Sweet Orange + Clove | Everything + All

Sweet Orange has a fresh, sweet citrus fragrance that embodies its calming and refreshing properties. Promotes an environment that is relaxing + warm. Clove helps purify the air as well as breaking down the grime + mould that can accumulate on surfaces. Its soft, warm scent is also a great insect deterrent.

Lemon + Tea Tree + Ginger | Floorwash

Lemon has antiseptic, antibacterial + detoxifying properties. Perfect for any household cleaning blend. Tea Tree has a strong and purifying scent. A staple for your cleaning cupboard. It has powerful antimicrobial properties that get the job done. Ginger is a grounding scent that helps to strengthen the mind. Boosting confidence + motivation. Combining these three scents together gives a truly incredible smell.

Eucalyptus + Lime + Clove | Toilet Scrub

Eucalyptus helps refresh and clear the mind as well as the loo. A powerful air purifier that aids in cutting through those nasty smells. Lime oil is restorative and helps to cleanse and revitalise. It has many antibacterial properties that help break down those unwanted stains. Clove is tough on mould but also gives off a warming + stimulating smell. Three beautifully matched scents for the not always beautiful area of the house.

Bergamot + Clary Sage | Handwash

Bergamot combines fresh citrus with floral tones. It does wonders in times of stress, low mood or feelings of anxiety. Clary Sage creates a sense of wellbeing and calm. These two oils blended together make a beautiful scent that would please any citrus, herb or floral fan! It’s one for everyone. 

Vanilla + Jasmine | Handwash

Vanilla is known for promoting skin health - the perfect oil for a handwash. Rich in antioxidants which prevents + reduces skin damage and aging. Jasmine has calming and uplifting effects on the body. It is great for releasing emotional blocks and restoring optimism. What more could you want from washing your hands?

Cedarwood + Mandarin | Bodywash

The woody outdoorsy scent of Cedarwood has a grounding effect to calm nervous tension, promote an open + positive mind and balance nerves. Mandarin has an uplifting and calming nature that creates a happy and sunny mood. It promotes a warm and relaxing environment, transforming your shower experience into something you need in your life everyday. A touch of Ylang Ylang essential oil connects this scent to the heart and satisfies those floral lovers.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
The Starter - absolutely fabulous

Two great products, beautifully fragranced and packaged. They were a treat to receive. The Starter would make a lovely gift. Arrived within a few days of placing the order. I cannot speak highly enough of the service and the products.

First time purchaser.

I purchased the dish wash liquid. Smells divine right through the kitchen, will be repurchasing refill. The counter spray, love the sturdy spray handle. Would like to try the orange and clove when back in stock. A couple of room sprays, delighted how large they were. The hand soap. All arrived beautifully packaged, especially love the little dried flower which I kept, nice touch. Thanks bit by bit, I viewed your products through The Folkstore, Clyde and decided to purchase direct to save on transport.

Saskia Booiman
Fantastic products, smell great

The starter pack is a such a good way to get started with the products. I got the Everything and all cleaner and the toilet scrub. Not only do they smell amazing, they do such a fantastic job of cleaning. The Everything and all cleaner is streak free in its finish too. Highly recommend both products, I will be buying more!


Great products. Will be popping in to refill when I’ve run out!

Kim Bradley
Simply gorgeous!

Dishwasher and cleaning spray.
Washing dishes is so beautiful, great aroma permeates the air.
Spray cleaner smells crisp and clean.
Love using both products. Plus side they actually work really well as well as a great after smell. Very happy customer. Definitely Recommend trying.