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Cleaning and Body

Are your products all batch made? Yes! All of our products are batch made.

What do you use to create your signature scents? Our products are made with 100% Pure Essential Oils. Each scent has been carefully crafted with antibacterial + healing properties for you to use in your home. 

The dishwashing liquid doesn't bubble as much as I'm used to? Our dishwash does bubble but because it is plant based the bubbles don't hang around for as long. Never fear, it still works a treat - better even than other standard dishwashing liquids because it is highly concentrated. 

I’m having trouble pouring the right amount of Toilet Scrub into my toilet, is there a way I can make this easier? Sure is! You can purchase a spray trigger, the same as the Everything + All trigger, to pop onto your Toilet Scrub giving you an easy spray option.

Is the Everything + All safe for polished concrete floors and benches? This is an acidic mixture - hence why it works so well. It is fine to use on polished concrete if used in small quantities - sprayed through the nozzle (not a whole bottle or amount poured on at once).  It is especially important to keep the nozzle closed if you are storing your bottle on a concrete or granite bench so that it doesn’t escape when the ingredients rise. 
Be sure to use a wet cloth when wiping away your Everything + All spray.

Why is my Everything + All leaking? Our ingredients in this effective product do rise, so they will sneak out of the lid if it isn’t closed. Turn your nozzle gently to shut after each use to savior that spray and avoid leakage on your bench.

Why is my Everything + All cloudy? Sometimes the oils in this product can cloud after it has been sitting for a while. This is nothing to worry about, if anything it is a good thing as the oils are spreading themselves more in the product. Just tip it up and down to disperse them evenly before use. And remember to close the nozzle afterwards.

Are your cleaning products safe for the whole family? Absolutely. They are made from plant based ingredients, are eco-friendly and nourishing.

How long do the cleaning and body products last? Our cleaning products have a shelf life of approx 9 months. The body products are a little less than this however you are bound to go through these much quicker if you are using them daily.

Are your products safe for all surfaces? Yes they are. However, if you are unsure please spot test first. 

Where should I store my cleaning and body products? Well they are certainly too lovely to be hidden in the cupboard! But we do recommend you keep them out of direct sunlight to avoid the product heating up and reducing its shelf life.

Can we buy refills? Yes, we have refill options for all of our products.
For more detailed information have a read of Our Refillery page. 

General + Shipping

Where are you based? We are based in the beautiful Turanganui-a-Kiwa, Gisborne. 

Do you have a physical store? Yes we do. Our physical store and refillery are located at:

33 Harris Street, Gisborne, NZ.

Where do you ship to? We ship nationwide in New Zealand. We hope to offer international shipping soon.

What are your shipping costs?

Urban N. Island: $8.99

Urban S. Island: $10.00

Rural N. Island: $13.99

Rural S. Island: $16.00

Free Shipping on all orders over $120.

Please note: If you do not select rural shipping when you place your order, we will contact you to pay the difference before sending your order.

If I live in Gisborne can I pick up from your store? Of course! Just select 'Pick up' for delivery method at checkout. 

Returns? If you have a change of heart about a product, Contact us within 7 days requesting an exchange. Please note you will need to cover the return shipping for this.

Shipping Damages? On the very rare occasion that your package arrives damaged, please Contact us and include a photo of the box and product. We will endeavour to solve this as soon as possible.